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Welcome to Articulate!
Mia Tetley has over 20 years experience as a therapeutic massage practitioner, she has more recently trained in pilates mat instruction and since 2008 has offered individual or small class sessions. Massage and pilates complement each other beautifully and you can use either or both to aid you as you take control of your health and wellbeing.

Mia specialises in small Pilates classes to ensure every individual receives the attention they require. The emphasis is on quality of movement. She's not interested in how many reps you can do with poor technique, but rather in seeing you come to use your body in a way that automatically engages deep structural muscles, in order to support joints and stabilise before you use any of the large surface muscles for movement. When you can do this, then every rep will add to your overall strength, ability and endurance and not simply exhaust one particular muscle or muscle group.